Pros and Cons of Stucco Siding

Last Updated on April 13, 2022 by Kravelv

Variety is the beauty of this world. From the littlest of things to the biggest decisions the variety of choices are many. When you go on a hunt to decide which type of siding you want it is then you realize the variety of materials that you can choose from. These materials all have their advantages and disadvantages and if you know all about them you can decide onto which material will be the best for your home. Out of the many materials for siding here we will let you know about the one called Stucco. What is basically stucco made of? It is a mixture of water, sand, Portland’s cement and water mainly. Let’s now move on with the pros of stucco siding.


Stucco siding is known in good way in terms of its durability. Although the warranty you will receive if you install stucco siding will range from 15 to 20 years the material can last for about a 100 years if the installation was done correctly the first time. It is not just some hypothetical number but the buildings that are known to be built in 19th century using stucco siding are still the same with no replacements made.

People always like to stay with their color theme. Problem arises when their choice of material doesn’t offer variety in color and textures. It is then they regret their choice but homeowners like these may not worry for stucco has a wide range of colors and textures one can choose from easily.

One characteristic of stucco siding is the resilience it has to offer. The material is resistant to wind, weather, pests, insects, fire and debris. The list is a long one when compared with the other materials. It guarantees against all the harm that could be caused because of these natural issues. This means you won’t have to change it again and again or have repairs done since it takes no damage from such.

The highlight is that stucco along with being resistant to many and remaining in good form for a long time requires low maintenance which in the times where people often avoid spending time in things like these is a blessing.

Stucco siding is also the one which provides noise cancellation from the outside. The siding can prevent the entry of noise from the outside world and thus stands out when compared with the other materials.


Nothing can have just advantages now can it? Same goes for stucco siding.

The number one issue with this is that it is disturbed by temperature. The expanding or contracting can cause the siding to crack and once that happens the doom is inevitable. Once this happens, contacting professionals in stucco repair Orlando must be done immediately to avoid further damage.

Unlike other siding materials with stucco you will need professional workers to install the siding with correct procedure since the right installation can guarantee 100 years and due to this reason the workers cost along with the siding cost becomes high.

The advantages and drawbacks of stucco siding have both been stated for further inquiries or getting it installed you can always contact siding contractors in downriver MI.

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