Luscious Landscape: 3 Design Tips For A Backyard Oasis

Last Updated on March 15, 2022 by Kravelv

There are many ways to make your backyard into an oasis but with these three tips you will be able to make most notable change with the least amount of effort. Every person’s backyard should be their sanctuary, their place to unwind after a long day and where they can find solace in the beauty of nature. It should also be hassle-free and require as little maintenance as possible- with these three steps you can turn your backyard into just that.

Before diving into three design tips for creating your oasis, a plan for what you will most likely be using your backyard for should be developed. With a proper plan, or even general idea, these three tips can be implemented more quickly and effectively.

Variety Beholds Beauty

The first design tip is not to be afraid of variety and following your own inspiration. Plants are all beautiful in their own way and are appreciated by different people for a variety of different attributes. If you find yourself drawn to certain types of plant life but it goes against conventional norms do not be afraid to express yourself through them.


Along with this same tip is to plant a wide variety of plants to keep your oasis interesting and an ever-changing landscape. Many plants change throughout the seasons and creating a mixture of deciduous and evergreen varieties creates a beautiful color palate year round. Try to pick plants that pair well together and have complementary qualities, such as being a natural insect repellant, or a source for some herbal medicines.

Decrease Maintenance Effort

The second tip is to make maintenance easier so that your oasis not only doesn’t become a burden but is kept in peak performance year round- even when it is cold and windy outside. One way of doing this is to set up automated sprinkler systems paired with proper drainage that in turn water and maintain your background foliage. Ensure you work with professionals and quality products, like those found at HYDRO CONSTRUCTION PRODUCTS, to have the best finished product possible. By creating an automated watering, draining, and re-watering system you will not only make maintenance much simpler but will also see increased efficacy in your water usage.

Perennial Plants

Finally the third tip is to plant perennial flowers to accent your oasis while decreasing the amount of time spent replanting year after year. Perennial flowers are such that they will automatically reseed themselves so that every year you can enjoy their beauty as part of your oasis without needing to expend extra effort planting them.

With these three design tips any novice gardener or relaxation enthusiast can create their own backyard oasis to enjoy for themselves. Creating a space surrounded with a variety of plant types that is easily maintained with automated watering and proper drainage and accentuated with perennial flowers is an easily achievable goal that will bring hours of relaxation to anyone’s future. If you’re looking to improve your landscape, you may consider following our three tips above, as well as doing more research on your own.

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