Gutter Protection: Why Your Home Needs It

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You might want to focus on your gutter system during your next home improvement. It’s usually overlooked, but this component actually plays an essential role in keeping your home protected from extensive water damage. How so? Gutters catch the rainwater running down from your roof and direct it away from your home.

As with most exterior home elements, however, your gutters are prone to a number of problems. These may include congestion and other damage which can severely hamper your system’s ability to drain off water properly.

Clambering about on your roof several times a year to deal with these issues yourself can be risky. You’ll be working from a great height and it’s all-too easy for an untrained homeowner to slip and fall when they’re not careful. One alternative is hiring someone to regularly clean or repair your gutters, but what for, when you can simply have a gutter protection system installed onto your roof?

You’ll find that investing in gutter protection is the better, longer-lasting, and more cost-effective option to regular gutter cleaning and repair. Here’s what you need to know about the benefits of gutter protection:

All Clogged Up?

Leaves, pine needles, and other loose debris can easily settle inside your gutters, leading to congestion. The accumulated material allows rainwater to back up instead of running through the system. Eventually, this will overflow from the lip of the gutters, drenching your exterior and seeping into your home’s structure. Given how clogged gutters can leave your home open to aesthetic and structural damage, it pays to deal with the issue immediately by having gutter protection installed.

Gutter protection, or “gutter guards”, come in different types. These include:

  • Brush, which uses heavy-duty bristles to prevent leaves and debris from entering your gutters. However, the debris usually builds up behind the projecting bristles or can even get stuck on them, making this choice of gutter protection somewhat subpar.
  • Mesh screen guards, which are designed to expel leaves and debris while letting only the rainwater through, aren’t known to handle water very well. This often results in water washing over the guards instead.
  • Foam, which consists of porous polyurethane that’s inserted directly into the gutter, can begin to deteriorate and turn brittle after a few years. This type of gutter guard system also allows shingle granules to pass through and collect in the gutter itself.

If you want something more effective, you can choose reverse-curve gutter guards–a proven design that’s been around since the early 1900s. It allows rainwater to run smoothly through the system while shedding leaves and other loose debris so they fall harmlessly to the ground. One of the most popular gutter protection brands, Gutter Helmet, uses reverse-curve for their product but further improves upon the design. The result is a patented nose-forward design that allows for superior draining performance.

How Gutter Protection Benefits You

#1. Saves Time, Effort, and Money

Gutter protection eliminates the need for regular cleaning. Because gutter guards prevent congestion in the first place, you no longer have to worry about spending money on getting professionals to do it for you. Expect only worry-free draining performance when you invest in the right gutter protection system.

#2. Prevents Deterioration

Gutters can be prone to premature rusting and deterioration due to moisture-laden debris just sitting in them. If you want to keep your gutters healthier and sturdier, have a high-quality protection system like Gutter Helmet installed onto them. This will keep your gutters intact no matter the weather, helping extend their service life.

#3. Prevents Overflow

Gutter protection eliminates debris build-up, which in turn, prevents your gutters from overflowing during heavy rainfall. This way, you can stop water from seeping into your exterior and finding its way into your home’s foundation, keeping your home structurally sound. No overflow also means no cracks on your pavement and walkways, soil erosion, and landscaping damage, or unsightly water stains and streaks on your exterior. Because water won’t find its way into your interior walls and ceiling, you no longer have to worry about mold and mildew growth, either. All of this translates to a sturdier and healthier home.

#4. Rids You of Pests

Aside from issues brought about by age and weather, your gutters may also be prone to damage by pests and insects. Mosquitoes, cockroaches, and spiders, in fact, can make your system their breeding ground. Rodents and birds may also find their way into your roof space via your gutters. Gutter protection, however,  can serve as a physical barrier against these pests, helping keep it free from damage.

#5. Prevents Fire from Spreading

Did you know that gutter protection can also protect your home from fires? Embers can travel a long way during a fire and one of them might ignite inside your gutters. With gutter protection in place, it’s unlikely for there to be any material to potentially catch fire.     

Protect your home better by investing in a gutter protection system. Just make sure to be smart about your home improvement choices, whether choosing among reliable gutter protection brands or home improvement contractors in your area.


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