Choosing the Right Carpet for Your Bedroom

Last Updated on November 3, 2021 by Kravelv

As you step in your bedroom, one of your dreams is landing your feet on a plush, velvety carpet. The warmth and acoustic protection that a carpet adds to a bedroom are incomparable. With so many varieties in the market today, it may be overwhelming for you to choose the best bedroom carpet that satisfies your needs and style.

Therefore, we talked to a few experts who explained what you need to know when shopping for your bedroom’s carpet.

Why do you need a Bedroom Carpet?

A bedroom is a sanctuary for almost everybody. It is the perfect place to relax and recharge for the future with minimal distractions. A nice, fluffy, and soft carpet under your feet denotes relaxation better than anything else. It’s often said that a hard floor is nothing close to the layer of warmth and softness that a carpet adds to the room.

Since the traffic in your bedroom is lower than that of other areas in the house, such as hallways and living rooms, you have the freedom to choose sophisticated styles for the carpet. Such choices range from plush, velvety piles to large loop pile carpets. The sales manager from Silvertrading Timber Flooring said that most of their clients choose a more luxurious carpet for their bedrooms than those of other rooms in their houses. 

Color Trends

Today, a lot of people are going for darker hues when selecting their bedroom carpet colors from the latest variety. The darker colors are most preferable to the majority, aiming to create a cozy and luxurious atmosphere in their bedrooms.

Many interior designers say that there are many available options in the grey palette that rhyme perfectly with both loop and plush piles. This was unlike before when sandy and taupe textures were the market dominants.

Getting Your Bedroom Design Right

This has been challenging for many people. However, there are a few details to remember to ensure that your carpet matches your interior décor:

  1. Consider the colors and texture

Color is the most vital element that should be on point. Besides rhyming with the rest of the palette, the carpet’s color should complement the other textural elements in your bedroom. The carpet of your choice should not only match the colors of the walls, windows, and furniture but also complement your bedroom’s hero element instead of over-powering it.

Additionally, you consider what texture you want to feel under your feet when you step on the carpet. Consider the softness or the number of layers that your most preferred carpet should have. Charcoal, sand, and taupe are the best carpet shades.

However, if you have children and pets who frequent your bedroom, mid-tones are the best as they conceal dust and stains.

  1. Pile types

You should go for a pile type that blends perfectly with your lifestyle and décor. This depends on the decorating style that you desire in your room. For a more luxe look, for instance, plush and twist styles are ideal. If your bedroom’s scheme is much textured, a loop or textured carpet will be ideal for you.

The twist style is perfect for people who allow pets into their bedrooms as their paws cannot get stuck between the carpet fibers.

Choosing the Best Carpet for your Sleeping Style

  1. Pile Density and Height

The long, plush pile carpets are an ideal choice if you want to create a hotel luxe mood. However, shorter, tighter piles are more durable, and it takes long before they show any signs of wear and indentation.

  1. Material Options

Wool, nylon, and a blend of the two are among the common materials used in carpet making. Luxurious carpets are made from high-value materials, such as alpaca and a mixture of wool and silk. According to Verstak, the softness, luxuriousness, and graceful aging of wool carpets are indisputable. Additionally, they are easy to maintain.

The wool carpets are very soft, and they have low amounts of allergens. However, this doesn’t mean that nylon carpets are the worst. Thanks to advanced technology, you will find soft and luxurious synthetic carpets in today’s market. In comparison to wool carpets, nylon carpets, especially the solution-dyed ones, are cost-effective, anti-stain, and hardwearing.

Getting a mixture of nylon and wool will give you the natural appeal of wool while maintaining the hardwearing properties of a synthetic carpet.

Look out for shadowing

This is a common effect, especially with the plush carpets. Experts explain that plush carpets are made by cutting the loops and shearing the tips of the fibers. This creates a reversal shading effect, which causes color differences when you walk or vacuum the carpet. Therefore, plush carpets are ideal in master bedrooms, where there is minimal foot traffic.

Carpet shading is more conspicuous in dark-colored carpets than in lighter ones.

Sacrifice your time

When it comes to choosing the appropriate carpet for your bedroom, you must be ready to work extra hard and spend enough time evaluating the available options. It can be a daunting task, but there are a few things that you can do to make it easier and less tiresome.

Settling for the right bedroom carpet could involve carrying images, materials, and colors of your desired style to the showroom.

That step will help you in narrowing down your options and will save you a lot of time. It would then be best if you carried some samples home to explore how each one behaves under different lighting and times of the day. Finally, the softness test should come last. The test is simple and straightforward. Remove your shoes and experience the feeling of your feet and toes on the carpet.

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