How Much Will it Cost You to Build a House in Brisbane in 2020

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Brisbane offers one of the most affordable costs of living in Australia. While it is hailed as having premium quality education, the cost of sending your kids to school would not blow your budget. Plus, you get to enjoy all the conveniences of a modern city but its strategic location makes it the ideal gateway to white coasts, the Daintree Rainforest, Great Barrier Reef, as well as theme parks like Dreamworld, The Inflatable Factory, Sea World, and Aussie World.

Brisbane is a bustling city that has most of what Sydney can offer, except for the exorbitant real estate prices. For example, the average housing prices in the city will range from $500,000 to a high of $900,000, depending on the neighbourhood. The closer you are to the inner districts, the higher the costs.

But if you are fine with living in the suburbs, you can significantly bring down the cost when you contact any New-Home builders in Brisbane. There are pros and cons of living further from the Central Business District. The benefit is that the land cost is cheaper and the disadvantage is you have to wake up earlier to avoid being late, especially when you consider the longer commute.

How Much to Build a House does cost in Brisbane

In Brisbane, on average, you are looking at between A$1,400 and A$2,000 for each square metre, depending on the size and quality of the finishes. However, a custom-finished private dwelling would easily cost you upwards of A$3,000 per square metre.

For example, a single-level brick home with three bedrooms will probably cost you about $1,450 per square metre for a basic design. A basic design means a low level of finish. If you upgrade to high finishes, the price will shoot up to around $2,000 per square metre.

Factors to Affect the Construction Estimate

You should consider so many factors that may affect the final cost of your dwelling. Among the examples are:

  1. The location — If you have to build on land that is classified as wetlands, flood-prone, or landslide-prone, the builder will have to prepare the land to ensure your safety and that of your loved ones. The other example is if the location is classified as a habitat for endangered species, river crossing, or an archeological site.
  1. The timeline — Labour cost is often computed per hour. The longer the home builder spends on the project, the more expensive it is going to be. It means that unexpected delays will add to the total cost.
  1. Materials — High finishes and branded construction materials will also influence the final costing of the new build. The builder will usually have some great suggestions for quality products that are not necessarily expensive. They also have a network of suppliers that can offer great discounts. So, do not be afraid to talk to your builder for any recommendation.

However, you should know that there is what’s called the “variation costs” integrated into the construction contract. It will allow the home builder to cover the cost in case of unexpected situations. For example, there are alterations in design, the number of orders, and the working conditions. Another instance is when they find the location is not susceptible to supporting the house without first reinforcing the ground.

It is why New-Home builders in Brisbane do not give out house estimates lightly because they become sources of confusion. For example, new homeowners confuse the quoted estimate with the total fixed cost.


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