Benefits of mounting your t.v.


A large flat screen, which is mounted on the wall, can add a good finishing look to the interior of the living room. The missing cupboard or TV table creates more space in the living room. Along with it, the TV hung on the wall looks classy and modern. However, it is not only useful in the living room to hang the TV on the wall. The TV in the kitchen or in the bedroom is also suitable for hanging installation. It saves space and creates an attractive look.

Many TV sets are already wall-mounted at the factory. In our guide, we will tell you which aspects you should consider while hanging TV installation on the wall and how to hide the cables skillfully.

TV wall mounting offers many benefits

There are many advantages to mounting the large flat screen on the wall:

  • The device cannot be accidentally knocked over – a great advantage in households with small children or pets
  • The space in the room is used to the last centimeter
  • The viewing angle and the height can be perfectly matched to your own requirements
  • The result is a very elegant look
  • Of course, it is important that a suitable wall bracket is selected and that it is correctly mounted on the wall so that the device cannot fall off the wall.

Wall mounting an LCD or plasma TV has many advantages. In addition to the enormous space savings, a flat-screen on the wall looks like a “moving” picture.

For this reason, there are several wall brackets available in the market for every TV size and with multiple functions. Mounting your TV on the wall guarantees you an unforgettable and overwhelming viewing experience from every corner of your living room.

Mount the TV on the wall – you should pay attention

However, there are a few things to watch out for if you choose to mount the TV on the wall. First of all, it is essential to find out whether the television is suitable for hanging at all. This applies to many modern models, but not to every model. Therefore, you must read the manual.

TV wall mounts follow the VESA FDMI standard. Please refer to the instruction manual for more detailed information on the VESA standard of your device. The VESA standard provides information on what type of screws to use and where to position the threaded holes.

Before mounting

Choose a wall bracket with side locks. This will prevent your TV from falling out to the side. Before installing it on the wall, you should also check whether the wall is load-bearing enough for the television. Riga’s walls are often not suitable because the television set and bracket are too heavy. Unfortunately, in such a case, you have to install without the hanging mounting of your TV. You have to use the stand instead of mounting on the wall. It is also important to choose screws and dowels that match the wall. They should be large enough to ensure ideal stability.

Find the right wall bracket

When you buy a wall bracket, there are various requirements to consider. Some models offer practical additional functions so that you can tilt the screen. With some brackets, it is also possible to tilt the TV by a remote. You can even position the pictures and always have the TV tilted towards you. In such a scenario, you can watch TV sitting on the sofa or from the dining area.

Buying a TV

Before you buy, think about what extras you really need to save yourself from unnecessary expenses. It depends on the optimal height and the correct distance of the sofa and the wall where you intend to hang it. When you finally find a suitable TV wall mount, you still have to determine the perfect hanging position.

Positioning the TV

Leave enough clearance from the ceiling. The TV releases heat upwards when it is running. If there is not enough space to the ceiling, the device can easily overheat. The back of the TV should also have enough space between the wall and TV. The fact to consider is – the farther the TV set is from the wall, the more stable the wall bracket.

In addition, it is best to consider the following tips when choosing the ideal hanging position:

  • The height is optimal if the center of the picture is at eye level.
  • Of course, the optimal distance to the TV also plays a role.
  • The perfect seat distance is calculated from the screen diagonal.
  • The distance should be three times the diagonal.
  • For a 42-inch TV with a diagonal of one meter, you should sit three meters away.
  • You must plan enough space around the television.

It is best to mount the TV in the desired position. You can see how it looks there and you may also notice unwanted reflections from the sun. Be sure to use a spirit level when attaching, so that the TV really hangs straight on the wall.

Hide unsightly cables – what are the options?

As soon as the television hangs, you have already done the roughest. Now you just have to think about how you can elegantly cover all cables. Otherwise, the overall picture would be extremely disturbed. There are special cable guides made of aluminum or plastic for hiding the cables of the receiver, DVD player, or sound system.

However, they are not everyone’s taste. For this cause, the complete sets are available in the market. They also offer a good and visually appealing way to hide the unsightly tangle of cables. They make all the cables, and power strips disappeared. This way, you can access additional cable channels can without a distracting look.

The panels are available in numerous colors. Therefore, you have the option to match the color of substructure to your living style. Some televisions also offer wireless communication with the receiver and other devices. This technology is known as wireless HDMI and can transmit HDMI signals by radio. Among other things, you need fewer cables overall and can reduce cable clutter from the outset.


The large flat screen in the living room offers a great picture, but TV enjoyment becomes even more enjoyable if TV is mounted on the wall. This strategy deducts the requirement of a TV cabinet or table. This is achieved by choosing a suitable wall bracket that fits both the television and the wall structure. It guarantees a secure mounting installation of TV on the wall. In addition, all cables must be hidden in a visually appealing way.

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