3 Aspects that Must Form part of any Home Improvement

Last Updated on January 19, 2022 by Kravelv

Home improvement and do it yourself renovations have become all the rage in homeowner and property development circles. It is one of the fastest growing hobbies and one of the main homeowner expenses. Whether you’re flipping the home, simply renovating specific rooms to sell, or intend to continue living in it, there are a few aspects of home improvement that you simply have to include in your planning. The following article will detail the finer points of home improvement that you must consider to complete your changes in the most professional way possible.

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Test all the utilities

Regardless of whether your home improvement has included or affected the water, electric or gas, you will need to assess and check all of these services once the works are finalized. There have been instances where a valve has been turned off or a cable accidentally cut, serving to disconnect the owners of the newly renovated home from either water, gas or electricity. There is also nothing worse than having a new tenant move in and the utilities not working as they should. Test and re-test all taps, hot water, the heating and air conditioning and all the bathrooms, toilets as well as all lighting and bulbs. These are the simple aspects in the home, which must work effectively and efficiently.

A thorough clean, before and after

Many will have the home cleaned after the renovations, but the best advice is to have thorough and professional cleaning done both before and after the renovations. The clean before provides the contractors and designers a clear picture of the property and a clean and hygienic environment to work in. The clean after, provides the homeowner with a sanitized and clean home, with the new additions or renovations that can then be appreciated and enjoyed.

Neutralize the color scheme

No matter which aspects of the home you have repaired or fixed, if there are workmen or contractors in the home then it’s worth repainting the rooms they have worked in and in doing so, adjusting and perfecting your color scheme. A neutral interior color scheme overall is the way to go and will easily suit/match any of the renovations and changes made. A feature wall or trending tiles colors, art and interior deco can then be used to add color. By keeping the overall color scheme neutral, the house will find a wider audience of admirers, so if the renovation has been effected to improve sale chances then a neutral interior color scheme is a winner. If you’re to live in the home, then a neutral light interior living space is arguably more relaxing than a maximalist color scheme.

These are three simple things that every home renovator must do, however they are often forgotten as the focus is on the feature walls, exciting color and bespoke design. However, none of the bespoke design nor the colors and newly installed features will mean a thing if the power, water and heating aren’t working as they should be.

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