Why Hire A Licensed Pest Exterminator

The Do-it-Yourself approach is slowly becoming common practice.

The proliferation of DIY TV shows, combined with the availability of a vast amount of useful information online, has made taking the DIY route seem a lot more feasible when handling any kind of project. The internet is brimming with how-to videos, tricks, tips, hacks, and legit resources to help you deal with any problem without seeking professional help.

However, when it comes to dealing with a pest infestation problem, the DIY approach may initially seem like a simple, quick, and low-cost undertaking. Besides, how hard can getting rid of bugs really be?

In reality, pest control and management aren’t as simple, fast, or straightforward as you’d like to think. What’s more, if not done properly, it can lead to bigger and more expensive problems.

Here are two key reasons why DIY pest control is not recommended:

1. It gives the impression that it was effective in solving the problem

In actuality, it probably only provided temporary relief from the pests and damage you can notice. It is important to keep in mind that a pest infestation can be more widespread and beyond what you can visibly see. Pests such as bed bugs and cockroaches are notoriously resilient and difficult to control. The problem with DIY pest control is that it doesn’t address the root cause of the problem, prevent the situation from getting worse, or prevent a re-infestation. You are never certain whether it worked.

2. It can be risky

To begin with, a DIY pest control attempt guided by online videos and resources, and involving the use of chemicals, especially pesticides, can prove to be more dangerous than its worth. If mishandled, these chemicals can create a hazardous environment, potentially exposing you and others around the area to harm. They can also cause property damage. Secondly, certain pests like cockroaches, rats, and mice tend to both carry and transmit diseases and require special care to avoid putting those in your home or on your premises at risk.

Pest Control and Management is a Team Effort

Proper pest control and management is never a one-sided affair. For it to be effective (and stay in compliance with the terms of most service guarantees), it requires the combined efforts of the different parties involved, including renters, homeowners, and property owners or landlords. Everyone has to do their part to safeguard their dwellings, buildings, and structures from pests. Proper home and property maintenance and sanitation are a key part of pest preventative measures. Pest management professionals work closely with their clients to make sure that they understand the preventative steps they need to take to resolve the issue.

Why You Should Hire a Pest Control Professional

If you are considering hiring a professional but aren’t sure whether it is actually worth it, here are four reasons why it is the smart move:

1. Professionals Know Exactly What They Are Doing

Licensed pest control professionals are experts at what they do.

Obtaining and maintaining their license takes a lot of time, money, and effort. They draw on their knowledge and expertise gained through real experience and application to provide the best results when it comes to pest control and prevention.

Keep in mind that, in most cases, by the time you spot pests crawling around your property, you may already be dealing with an infestation. What’s more, what you are seeing might only be a fraction of the pest population within your space. A competent pest control technician is able to accurately assess the seriousness and extent of the issue, and potential health concerns or damage, without any guesswork. They are also able to expertly advise you on the best course of treatment.

2. They Deliver & Guarantee Results

First, they know what they are doing (see above), and secondly, they employ integrated pest management (IPM) strategies and techniques.

Not only will a reputable licensed exterminator provide you with the best solution to your problem, but they will also guarantee their work. This means that in the event the pests return during the guarantee period, they will address the problem at no extra cost to you. So, before signing a contract, ensure to find out about the guarantee provided as well as the applying terms and conditions.

3. Safety Risks

Pesticides can be risky to apply and even be around. If not handled or used properly, you can end up creating an unsafe, dangerous environment. Also, remember that certain pesticides are illegal in some regions. To avoid putting yourself and others (family, pets, employees, customers, or tenants), or property at risk, it is best to leave this task to a qualified professional.

A trained pest control technician knows the safest and most effective products on the market, as well as how to use them properly.

4, Cost

While DIY pest control may seem cheaper on the surface, when you factor in the costs of sprays, pesticides, and other products needed, it quickly becomes expensive. You may end up wasting or unnecessarily spending a lot of money due to the products being costly, buying the same product again after misusing or misapplying, and not to mention the Cost of the other products you had to buy after the ones bought the first (or even second) time didn’t work.

The costs of a botched DIY pest removal attempt can skyrocket if it involves damage to property or people. In such a case, you will have to deal with property repair or medical treatment costs, which can put a big dent in your wallet.

5. Time & Convenience

The last thing you want to deal with in your already busy and stressful life is a pest infestation. Trying to figure out how to get rid of your pest problem yourself can cause you to lose rest, time, and money.

Hiring an expert helps save you a lot of time, stress, and hassle. A qualified pest control technician is able to resolve the problem more quickly and efficiently than you would. They have extensive experience with pests and know all the effective treatments. After all, it is what they do for a living.

The importance of hiring a competent, reputable, and licensed pest control technician can not be understated. Regardless of what pest you are dealing with, a knowledgeable professional will be able quickly and effectively resolve your problem at an affordable rate. Since most pest management companies offer quotes, consider comparing the rates of multiple companies. The best company will take the time to ask questions to help them fully understand your situation. They will also help you learn about different pests as well as the viable treatment options available, without all the ‘in-your-face’ sale tactics.


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