The Guarantees of a Professional’s Work


Window installation or replacement is a home improvement project that equips our homes for ultimate functionality, weather protection, energy efficiency, and curb appeal. Not only that: Home improvement resource Remodeling Magazine also says swapping out your old windows for new ones won’t just improve your home’s resale value, but will also allow you to recover between  73% to 79% of what you spent on the project.

Not a bad deal at all. Which is why any homeowner knows to seriously consider taking on this project. A smart homeowner, however, is also aware that such a project should be entrusted only to a professional to ensure the best possible results.

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Meeting Building Codes

The US adopts international model codes such as the International Residential Code (IRC), the International Building Code (IBC), and the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC). In addition, states and local governments may amend some provisions in the codes as they see fit. Updates to the codes are not automatically enforced, but will often depend on your location. For instance, New Jersey still follows the 2009 versions of the IBC and the IRC, and the 2006 version of the IECC.

A professional window remodeler or installer has the technical knowledge necessary to satisfy the legal technicalities, which is important to securing a permit. Taking on a DIY window installation or replacement project without proper knowledge of building code requirements may lead to problems that can halt the progress of your project and mess up your timeline.

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In addition, building code requirements help ensure your newly installed or replaced windows are geared for maximum energy efficiency. When you opt to do things on your own, you may lose out on any possible energy savings for your home.

Quality Results

Professionals also have specialized training in the use and application of window products and installation practices. And this is a big deal, especially if you want safety and functionality. For instance, there are specific stipulations for installing windows in bedrooms. In the same way, windows must be installed plumb, level, and square. And the process has to account for sill heights, as well as flashing details.

Window professionals who have standing partnerships with trusted manufacturers also have advanced product knowledge – even for differing home conditions. This means you get windows that are suited to your home’s climate zone, energy requirements, and architectural style.

Warranty and Insurance Concerns

Hiring professional help also gives you more security, in terms of both product support and insurance policies. A comprehensive warranty is important to saving costs when your windows start show signs of damage. Moreover, insurance carriers may refuse to provide coverage for windows that are not installed by a licensed or registered remodeler or installer.

Other Benefits

Window professionals also take care of the entire installation process – from taking measurements to disposing of the waste. Some window products require specific waste management procedures, which your chosen professional can take care of for you.

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You can also get guided instructions on post-installation maintenance so you can make sure your windows perform well throughout their lifespan. And when your windows do get damaged, you can trust your remodeler or installer to take care of any issues before they escalate.


Author Bio:

Larry Landes is president and owner of Renewal by Andersen of Central and Northern New Jersey. He credits his remarkable success to, “working with…a great company that is about having caring, dedicated people and treating each customer as the unique and special person they are.” Larry’s decades of experience in both the commercial and residential levels, combined with his advanced training from Renewal by Andersen, ensures that Larry and his team are able to deliver on their promises each and every time.


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