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8 Spring Cleaning Hacks for Dog Owners

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Spring is a season for renewal, and few things feel as rewarding as a deep spring cleaning at home as you get rid of the old and bring in the new. Spring cleaning is essential for every homeowner, but being a dog parent presents some unique challenges when your furry friend has their fur all over your furniture. How do you remove pet odors and other pet hair and debris from your home? We’ll explore eight different spring cleaning hacks — like pet hair dryer sheets and dual-purpose hair removal and grooming brushes — for dog owners to make your home feel brand new!

  1. Organize Your Dog’s Stuff —  According to the Spruce, one of the first things you’ll want to do is get rid of clutter. That means not only your stuff, like old clothes and outdated papers but also your dog’s belongings. If your dog has any expired foods or broken toys still around the house, you’ll want to get rid of those. Once you’ve thrown away or donated any of your dog’s old or outdated stuff, you’ll want to start organizing their items. All of their food should be in one area while their toys are kept in another central location. Hang up their leash and collar so you’ll be able to easily find it whenever you need to take your dog for a walk. Then, put their doggie food bowl and water bowl in a common area where your dog can easily find them, like the kitchen or laundry room.
  2. Remove Pet Hair with a Pet Hair Remover Brush — Removing pet hair from your furniture and carpets is so easy with a pet hair remover brush. Not only can you use this tool to get rid of unwanted pet hair from your couch or stair carpet, but you can also use it to groom your pet. Grooming your pet is an important preventative measure for removing excess fur. If your pet doesn’t have as much fur on their body, that means less fur for you to clean at home.

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  1. Groom Your Pet — Grooming your pet is a great opportunity to bond with your pet. Not only will your furry friend love the feeling of you combing through their fur, but you’ll also be removing excess hair from their coat. That means less cleaning that you have to do at home since there will be less overall fur to clean up.
  2. Clean Your Dog’s Ears — Grooming your dog also includes little tasks like looking after your dog’s ears. When was the last time you cleaned their ears? To clean the inside of their ears, mix equal parts water and apple cider vinegar. This can help prevent ear infections and reduce odor.
  3. Make a DIY All-Purpose Natural Cleaning Spray — Having a pet at home also means you’ll have to think differently about the cleaning products you have at home. If you have any toxic chemicals like bleach or ammonia out in the open, make sure you lock them up in a cabinet where your pet can’t get to them. Make a DIY all-purpose natural cleaning spray that’s pet-friendly using equal parts white vinegar and water. This is a safe and effective way to help get rid of any doggie messes at home.
  4. Get Rid of Pet Hair from Your Laundry — You might be surprised to know that you can use other tools besides brushes and lint rollers to get rid of pet hair. Ever considered dryer sheets? There are specialized dryer sheets for pet hair that can remove dog and cat fur from your laundry and clothing. Here’s a special hack for removing pet hair from laundry: before you wash your clothes, run them through the dryer first. It seems counterintuitive because it is. You want to run your clothes through the dryer first so it gets rid of excess fur and other debris. Then, you can wash and dry your clothes as you normally would and put that dryer sheet for pet hair in the dryer after you’ve washed your clothes.

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  1. Try Microfiber Cloths — You may use a microfiber cloth on your TV screen to help get rid of dust. You can also use a microfiber mop or cloth to clean hardwood and tile floors. It’s much easier to pick up pet hair and dirt with a gentle microfiber mop or cloth than with a paper towel or traditional wet mop.
  2. Wash Your Dog’s Toys and Grooming Tools — Everything from your dog’s doggie bed to their favorite stuffed toy has their pet hair, drool and other germs all over them. It’s important to wash your dog’s stuff, including their toys and grooming tools, on a regular basis. Allow your dog’s tools and toys to soak in warm soapy water for about 10 minutes, and then rinse them thoroughly.

With any of these tips and tricks, spring cleaning — even as a dog owner — will feel like a breeze. Take it all one day and one quality grooming session with a dog hair remover brush at a time. Your dog will love the one-on-one time with you, and you’ll love having less fur at home, too. Soon your home will be ready for the spring season, and your dog will be happier and healthier than ever. Spring cleaning isn’t just about getting rid of your old stuff and that weird stain on your couch. It’s also about creating a healthy and comfortable home environment for you and your best furry friend. Happy spring cleaning!

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