Pond design and maintenance tips


Building a beautiful pond in your real estate property is something that you will never regret. This little improvement of your outdoor space will be an excellent investment that will help you feel more relaxed. The important thing is to know what results exactly you want to achieve, as well as what kind of design and location you prefer for the pond in your home. The answers to all of those essential questions you can receive by consulting with professionals or by reading below. In this article we will present to you some interesting ideas for pond design and will also give you  important tips for the maintenance of your pond. For excellent results, however, we advise you to leave the work to the professionals. pond maintenance tips

When choosing a specific design for your pond, you have to consider factors like the size of the space you have in your real estate property, the location of this space and many others. It is also nice to pick a design which will be appropriate for your home and which will make the pond easy to maintain later. You will have to take care of the cleaning of this area from time to time, so make sure that you consider everything carefully before you reach your final decision. Here are some ideas from GardenersMates Hammersmith that could serve as an inspiration:

  • Pick a location – Choosing just the right location for your pond could be challenging. Some people prefer to build it under trees, so that they could rest there during the summer without worrying about the light or the heat. Unfortunately, that is not a very good idea because in the end you will have a pond filled with leafs that will be a nightmare to clean. Another mistake would be to build your pond in a lower spot because you will certainly have to deal with flooding and heavy pollution later.
  • Think of the design – Once you find the right place for your pond, you can move on to the next step which is the choosing of the design. Even though the professionals can give you some ideas, you can still come up with your own which will reflect your taste. You can try:

– A pond filled with plants – if you like plants, then you will definitely like this design as well. For the building of ponds in the homes are ordinarily used interesting stones of different shape and colour. They usually serve as decoration too but there is no reason why you can’t add also some beautiful plants. They don’t require a lot of cares and at the same time keep the water clean by feeding on various organisms. The water lilies are definitely among the most popular plants used for ponds because of their beauty.

– Waterfall design – If the sound of water makes you feel relaxes, then you should definitely pick a design which includes a waterfall. This specific elements will turn your pond into a little oasis which you can enjoy every day. You can ask the specialists to create for you a waterfall with several levels, or a more simple one.

– Pond with barbecue – The combination of barbecue and pond could be very successful and also appropriate for the hot summer nights. You can gather with your friends around your new pond and enjoy a nice dinner while looking at the calming water. Even though this design will be a little bit more expensive, it will be worth it for sure.

You have to choose a pond which will not only look good but which will also be easy to maintain. You have to be prepared to clean the area from time to time by draining the water into the surroundings and removing all collected grime. If you have fish in the pond, you will have to clean it even more often. That’s why don’t forget to ask the professionals.

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