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Plant Decoration 101: Best Potted Plants To Use To Decorate Your Patio or Pergola

Patio and pergolas are used every day across the world to entertain guests, or for homeowners and families to relax and unwind. When it comes to building a brand-new patio or pergola, you want to make sure it’s decorated accordingly to make it look its best when having people over. If you’re wanting to decorate your outdoor areas, this simple guide will give you inside knowledge on the best potted plants to use when decorating your outdoor living areas. Let’s take a look

Best Potted Plants For Outdoor Space Decoration

  1. Ferns

Ferns are a beautiful plan that is capable of really enhancing any outdoor area when they’re placed in pots. Ferns offer outdoor areas with a great shade option and is capable of offering that tranquil, tropical feel. They love humid and moist conditions making them great for both exposed sunlight and dark areas. They love the sun and will thrive in most sunny hot conditions and times of the year.

Another benefit of using ferns is that they can provide additional privacy with their plentiful, luscious green foliage. They are capable of freshening up any outdoor space beautifully, and are suitable for bringing life and vibrancy to any area that’s dull or boring.

There are many popular types of potted ferns for both hanging and placing on the ground. Hanging ferns that are popular for many homeowners include Shield fern, Squirrel Foot fern, Western Sword fern, Hayscented fern, and Lady fern. Ground ferns that have been popular for outdoor space decoration include Sunset fern, Soft Shield fern, Royal fern, Korean Rock fern, East Indian Holly fern, and Harts Tongue Fern.

  1. Hanging Flowers and Plants

Potted plants don’t just have to be on the ground, they can be hung from a ceiling area as well. Hanging plants are extremely popular in many homes because of their beauty when in full bloom. These types of flowers tend to offer a cascading effect that drop down from the pot in a beautiful array of colour. Many types of hanging flowers and plants include impatiens that help bring extra shade, petunias are great if exposed to direct sunlight, geraniums and fuchsias. With their vibrancy of colours, they are perfect for patio and pergola decoration.

  1. Herbs

Believe it or not potted herbs can also bring life to a dull area. Herbs while small can add a different texture and appearance to an outdoor patio or pergola. Along with that they can also provide the option of extra flavour in your food depending on the type that you choose. Some of the popular types of herbs that you can place around your outdoor space with other plants include lemon thyme, lemon balm, rosemary, basil, parsley and mint.

  1. Succulents

These types of plants are generally seen as fatter plants in the plant world. Succulents are great plants because they go well in pots. Some of the most common succulents that you may know is Cacti. Cactuses come in a number of different types to choose from and can offer a unique look for those who may want a desert appeal within their decoration. Other types of succulents offer an ornamental appearance that’s striking and distinctive. They also don’t need much water, sun or work to maintain them. Some of the great ones that you can decorate your outdoor area with include but isn’t limited to Kalanchoe (mimics red elephant ears), Aeonium (rainbow of flowers), sempervivum, Agave (colourful thorns), echeveria, and aloe.


Decorating your outdoor living space with plants is easier than you may think. By taking the time to check these different types of potted plants you have a chance of really improving the look of your outdoor area. So are you ready to decorate your outdoor entertainment area?


Author Bio:

Daniel Stone has worked in the management, cutting, and caring of trees for the last 20 years. He works and helps run Bellarine Trees and is passionate about the environment and tree worker safety. He has a wife and two daughters and he enjoys playing tennis in his spare time.



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