Perfect Kids’ Room: DIY Tips to Make a Fairy Tale Corner Full of Magic

Don’t be surprised to find out that most children spend a lot of time in the bedroom. Used for a lot of things such as sleeping, playing and working. It is always their space reflecting their little personalities. Now your child might be a “fairy godchild” or better still a lover of the fairy tale world and would want his/her bedroom to have his/her own mini fairy garden where they could sleep in and wake up in or play in and work in. The interesting thing is that it is easy to get yourself lost in the world of children’s bedroom designs but still you must celebrate their love of fairies and all magical things by fulfilling their dreams and turning their bedroom into a beautiful fairy cove. Most times, you go all out to make this happen even if it costs extra.

For now, here are the few simple ways you can sprinkle that pinch of fairy dust and sparkle to your kid’s room which they would cherish and also appreciate you.

  1. Make Use of Appropriate Window Treatments.

Since it is a fairy garden interior design, you don’t need to go around using bright colored window treatments. Stick to a color that would match and go in line with the motif of the bedroom in view – mostly a mixture of dark and light green colored curtains with grass or forest like designs would do the trick. A sort of valance can be placed to lessen light coming in from the overhead during the day and a shade whose color complements the room can be used in the evening time.

  1. Get Fairy Toys and Designs as Décor.

This next stage involves getting accessories to add to the bedroom to make it more fairy-like such as mushroom field full-scape wallpaper. Some DIY features can help such as cutting out fairies from a cardboard and sprinkle some shine dust on them. You can then go ahead to attach them to the wall which should be painted green (still a mixture of light and dark green). Flower vases everywhere with small fairy sized DIY built ladders and toy fairy houses (which can be bought) placed on the table in the room alongside some fairy garden accessories can be bought or made if you are somewhat crafty yourself.

  1. String Lights for a Dreamy Look

These string lights are known to look whimsical to an extent and can do one or two tricks when trying to make a fairy garden bedroom design. The magic works when their loveliness is combined with the charm of your bedroom following the steps above.

The lights are attached to a flexible string and come in various styles giving you the chance to be creative with designs. They go well with curtains, can form a fake headboard for the bed, place them on the ceiling to act as night stars, and wrap them around fairy furniture discussed above. You can totally replace your lamp with this light and feel the magic in the air.

  1. Use Befitting Fabrics

For bed clothing, use a type that matches the theme of the room as well as one with comfort. The match sheets, comforters, and pillows should all be fairy related. We would recommend that you should just try as much as possible best to give the room a united look.

  1. Cover The Flooring

If these tips are religiously followed then you should be halfway into your fairy garden. All you need now is a grass rug which is relatively cheap depending on room size. Place it all around the child’s room and also get a smooth mesh kind of rug –small sized – just to get a feel of hard ground in one side and grass in other sides.

Now step back and look at that dream fairy garden in your kid’s bedroom.

Our selection of bedroom decorating ideas for children features style, fun, comfy and cozy enough to keep the kids happy from toddler to teen plus the ages in between.

Based on the theme of the kids bedroom furniture design in view, it could be affordable and also extremely expensive. It is your duty to create and work with a budget that would be able to put your little ones in the fairy garden bedroom of their dreams. But while designing, please bear in mind that bedroom designs, especially for children are for a while as children tend to outgrow designs. You don’t expect a grown-up teenager to sleep in a fairy garden designed bedroom.


Kravelv is a full time digital marketer and part time furniture and cabinet maker. During his free time he would like to create something out of recycled woods, this varies from toys, furnitures plant boxes etc. Follow him on Twitter | Pinterest | Facebook

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