New Roof, New Color: How to Pick the Best Color for Your Roof

So getting a new roof’s got you all excited — until you had to decide on a color. Picking a color scheme for your roof is not always easy as it looks because there are factors to be taken into consideration. It doesn’t help either that you have a myriad of choices available to you. It’s natural to be overwhelmed but don’t worry; here are some tips to help you carefully and wisely choose your roof’s new color:

  • Consider your climate. The color of your roof can actually affect your home’s energy efficiency. White or light-colored roofs reflect away sunlight, helping keep temperatures down, while dark roofs have the tendency to absorb heat, making them great for areas with colder climates.

  • Consider the colors of other elements in your home. Your roof color must complement what your siding, windows and doors have. For instance, a dark gray or black roof will look great on a white house, while a brown or tan roof will work well on a home with a cream or beige hue. You can also match your roof with your window and door trims, if you like.
  • Consider your neighbors. If you’re part of a neighborhood association, you might want to check if there are rules regarding roof colors. But even when there are none, it’s still a good idea to opt for roof color that will blend in with the rest of the neighborhood. This doesn’t meant that you have to have the same roof color as your neighbors but you do have to be mindful that your choice will not clash so much with other roofs in your street.

  • Take note of your home’s architectural style. Some roof colors look good on a specific home style and some may not. For example, a casual ranch home may benefit from a combination of colors while a colonial home will not.
  • A mix of exterior materials and colors may require more thoughtful consideration. Bricks and stones, for instance, typically come in different colors and they can make your home’s color scheme appear all over the place. You might have to look into customizing your roof color to help bring together and balance out all others present in your home’s exterior.

  • Keep it simple. If you have a small- to average-sized home, painting your roof with an overtly colored hue will be extreme. To make a statement, choose a different focal point and have your roof color complement that. You can also choose to go the other way and go neutral with your roof, having other parts of your home updated instead to complement it.

Choosing the color is a crucial part of the decision-making process involved in getting a new roof, with a well-coordinated color scheme improving your home’s curb appeal and creating a sense of harmony among your property’s external elements. If you need further help choosing a roof color, don’t hesitate to consult with a professional roofing contractor today..


Author Bio:

Jonathan Price is a member of Professional Roofing Contractors’ experienced team of roofers. He is in charge of the company’s Shingle & Storm Damage Operations and is also the Head Project Manager for commercial new construction projects. During his free time, Jonathan shares his knowledge and experience by writing in the company blog.




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