Modern and Innovative Uses of Portable Containers

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Shipping containers more commonly called cargo containers are known for their extensive use when it comes to shipping and transportation.As early as 1951, these type of containers have played a very critical role in transporting goods and heavy equipment from one location to another but as time goes by, they have been used for various business purposes more than what we used to know.

With technology and innovation as the cornerstone of modern portable containers, now there are lots of ways on how these containers can be used and repurposed. Check out some of the innovative uses of shipping containers that you may not have thought possible.

Portable Homes

If your family loves travel and adventure, getting a portable shipping container home is a cheaper and more flexible way to still keep your family safe and comfortable while on the road.

Compared to building a typical home in your yard, a portable shipping container home is more cost-effective because of the cheaper and lesser materials required in order to build it. If you are also looking for a temporary home while on the road, there are major portable container providers that offer them for short use or rental.
shipping containers - portable homes

Portable homes are also more environmentally friendly because of the lesser use of electricity and low maintenance compared if you rent a hotel or villa to have a temporary place while enjoying your vacation. Portable homes could maximize natural light and are known for their greener options when it comes to less amount of construction waste and use of more eco-friendly construction materials.

Event Containers

Whether you are planning a workshop, art gallery or music festival, portable containers could give you the perfect venue that is not only space saver but also help you save more time compared to setting up a stage from scratch.

What is good about event containers is their portability that can help you set them up anytime and anywhere you need them without the need of a big workforce and materials just to get it done.

From simple containers, you can easily transform and recreate its interior design in order to make them modern studios for your art displays or a function room for your office or school related workshops.

You can start from 20 foot steel event container depending on the event that you need to set up and the number of people that it needs to accommodate.

Vehicle Storage

Portable containers also offer great benefits as an onsite storage for vehicles such as cars, trucks and recreational vehicles or RVs.

shipping containers - vehicle storage

Their customized design and sizes make them an ideal storage facility that matches the storage needs of these types of vehicles. They also offer full security features like tamper proof lock box and are constructed with high quality steel materials to provide heightened security for your vehicles.

Aside from security, portable vehicle containers are also known for their convenience with their easy open roll up doors and vents that help prevent humidity and condensation from taking place while your vehicle is kept inside.

Reefer for Perishable Goods

Shipping perishable goods involves a great risk for business because of time and temperature constraint. With these problems at hand, it is very important to find a shipping container that can provide the ideal temperature and storage space that can be adequate to hold and store perishable goods long enough until they are transported into the destination point. This is made possible through their integral refrigeration unit that regulates and controls the temperature inside.

With their significant benefits, no wonder many businesses particularly in the food and beverage industry trust them when it comes to shipping perishable goods without facing food waste issues.

Office Containers

Limited space is a common issue when setting up a workplace. But with modified office containers, this is not a problem anymore because it can help you enjoy convenient and spacious office buildings for your entire workforce.

shipping containers - office

If you are also planning to make a portable onsite office space for a temporary workshop or training venue but only have a limited ground space, there are various office space containers that come from different sizes usually ranging from 10 up to 40 ft.

Aside from the above mentioned uses of containers, you can also turn them as emergency portable clinics, sauna and recreational spaces for kids. With innovation and creativity, you will surely find a lot more ways to turn these shipping containers into various purposes.


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