Lawn Care in the Summer

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Summer is the perfect time to spend a nice day out of the house, be it to practice your gardening skills or to have your family gather for a barbeque. When the temperatures are right and there is no sight of rain, having such place to go to in your home is truly a blessing.

If there is one thing that can contribute a great deal to a more pleasurable experience, it is having a well maintained, green lawn. You have to make sure you keep your lawn fresh with the summer underway, as this is considered the most stressful time for it. There are some steps you can take in that direction in order to ensure that the grass in your lawn is healthy and looks great.


Watering your lawn is perhaps the most important thing you have to be careful about in the summer. Giving the grass its much-deserved drink of water can keep it fresh, but only if it’s done at the right time. Since summer temperatures reach high values around mid day, it is best to water the lawn early in the morning or later in the evening. That way moisture will not evaporate, for the most part, and it will reach the roots. Avoid watering too often, as this can cause the roots to reach shallow depths and possibly die out. Limit watering to once or twice a week. Consider adding soluble feeds through a watering can.

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gardening experts suggest you keep an eye out for weeds and moss and act quickly if you notice any such problems. What you can do in case this occurs, is add a lawn care product, which can quickly eradicate unwanted weeds. Be selective about the weedkiller, as you want to target only weeds without causing damage to the grass.


It is important to mow the lawn at least once per week. The optimal height you should aim for is 1 inch. Any short, and you may experience weeds and moss growing in the grass. Collect all grass clippings and use them to make compost. It can be later used in various gardening tasks. If the weather is really hot, you may want to leave your grass to run taller, since it will be stressed. You will be doing your lawn a favour if you reduce mowing in such conditions.


Grass and plants in general absorb more nutrients from the soil in hot weather. That is why you will do good to provide some help for your lawn in the form of additional feeding. You can introduce liquid lawn feed, which makes for quick results. Granular fertiliser is a good option when you want to cover larger areas. Acquire a lawn spreader to ensure the feed is applied evenly across the lawn for better results. If it is too hot, you might have to water such products in order to activate them.

Lawn Care in the Summer2

Lawn care is an important chore, which you should most certainly never overlook. In return you will have a green and fresh lawn looking great.

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