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Top Ideas to Make Small Backyards Functional

Let’s face it, not everyone gets blessed with a large backyard area. But, regardless of the size of your backyard, common sense dictates that you, as a homeowner, must make it presentable as it is a part of your property. Even if the space is small, you can still find ways to ensure that it becomes functional and can be used for entertaining and other purposes. It can be challenging, but a wise homemaker knows it’s about making the right choices on a smaller scale. 

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There are outdoor wood fired ovens that you can install to improve the functionality and aesthetics of your backyard. These ovens are versatile enough to create everything from pizzas to various meat and vegetable dishes. You’re bound to have a terrific time cooking from scratch and serving the dishes piping hot from the oven for your guests. Even if you have a small backyard, we’re sure your friends will love hanging out with you and your family and enjoy your hospitality.

Creating a functional and presentable backyard despite space limitations can be challenging but highly doable. You can start thinking about adding various features that can make the space cozier and homier without spending too much.

Use your fence wisely

Although you have a small space, you mustn’t forget to install a fence for privacy purposes. You can use the fence as a vertical garden to hang various plants, making your structure a lush living wall. This will help make the space fresher as the plants will create oxygen, which will benefit you and your family.

Roll the beverages

Another way to spruce up the small space you call your backyard is to roll your beverages to your guests. You can buy a cart to store and deliver beverages for your guests. This will keep them hydrated and entertained during the hot summer days.

Designate a pool area

Even if you have a small space, you can accommodate a water feature such as a jacuzzi or an above-ground pool. Choose one part of your backyard to do this, and you can build around the structure as your focal point. We’re sure your children will have a great time splashing around with their friends during weekends, and you can have some quality nights with your significant other. 

Illuminate the space

Don’t forget to illuminate the space. Hang string LED lights to create a dreamy atmosphere. You can also use solar-powered lights to save on electricity costs. Try to avoid standing lamps to save on precious square footage.

Hang mirrors

One way to make the space look bigger is to use optical illusions. Hang mirrors on your house’s exterior to reflect light and create a brighter, bigger-looking space.

Extend the deck

One of the best ways to create space is to extend the deck by using pavers or gravel. You can easily extend the usable space with some materials and some elbow grease. 


A small backyard space shouldn’t be seen as a detriment. You can convert small backyards into functional ones with a few upgrades at a good price. 


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