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How to stop my dog pee on the furniture

It’s very important to train your dog to refrain from soiling the curtains, furniture and upholstery when s/he is still a puppy. If you fail to conduct training, life will be unpleasant for the dog as well as other family members.

It’s mandatory for you to teach the dog that defecation and urination should be strictly done in designated spots. Generally, male dogs mark territories by peeing along boundaries. This must be discouraged as soon as your dog develops this habit. Make him/her understand that as a member of the household, there’s no need to mark territories

How to train your dog to acquire appropriate defecating and peeing habits

Ask a veterinary doctor to carry out medical examination

If attempts to house-train your dog have bore no fruits, or it starts having accidents at latter stages, then you should ask a vet to medically examine him/her. The dog may be having medical complications which can only be treated by a veterinary doctor.

Male dogs tend to pee along certain boundaries as ways of marking territories. If this is the case with your dog, then you should consider neutering it.

Understand what normal dog behavior is

Don’t exert punishment on your beloved pet for accidentally peeing or pooping in undesignated areas. Unfair punishments can only instill fear in him/her.

Exercise patience. Don’t expect him/her to automatically understand what the rules of your house are if you’ve provided inadequate or no training at all.

The theory of carrots and sticks

At the initial stages of training, develop a system of rewards and punishments that your dog will receive. If s/he relieves himself/ herself at the designated spot, give rewards. They can be in the form of small chunks of meat or gentle stroking. Conversely, if s/he relieves himself/ herself in the wrong place, exert punishment. The punishments should be fair enough to let the dog learn from its mistakes.

Schedule the feeding sessions

Food and water should be provided at regular intervals. If the dog is fed and provided with water at irregular intervals, it’s only natural for it to poop and pee irregularly.

Ask a vet to provide advice on the appropriate frequency of feeding as well as the quantity.

If the food remains uneaten after 30 minutes, remove it and don’t provide any until the subsequent scheduled meal. Continue doing this until the dog learns to consume all provided food and water according to the routine.

Thoroughly clean any mess

Are you aware that dogs are naturally wired to go back to areas where they had previously defecated or urinated? If this occurs on your curtains, furniture or upholstery, it’s important to completely get rid of all traces of defecate and urine. If the cleaning isn’t thorough, your dog may go back to relieve itself at the same spot. Remember that they have strong sense of smell.

Have designated areas for pooping and peeing

Dogs are hard-wired to relieve themselves at the same spots again and again. During the initial stages of training, collect any urine and defecate and dump the substances at a designated area. When the dog shows signs of wanting to relieve himself/ herself, use the collar to lead him/her to the designated spot.

Get rid of old defecate/ urine when the dog deposits new poop/ pee. Continue doing this until s/he learns the routine.

Closely supervise your pet

At the initial training stages, it’s very important to exercise close supervision. This will enable you prevent accidents, exert punishments and give rewards accordingly and at the right time.

Watch out for vital signs such as sniffing, stretching of the tail, squatting and/or circling. They are indications that the dog is hard-pressed.

If you catch your pet pants down, that is, pooping or peeing in undesignated areas, interrupt him/her immediately by shouting or clapping.

What you need to know about dog food

Before purchasing dog food, it’s important to consider the following important factors; age, level of activity, breed, temperament, body composition and gender, among other factors.

The food should consist of the right proportions of; proteins, water, oils/ fats, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins.

Dog food can be classified into the following broad categories; complete, complementary, wet, dry, semi-moist and frozen food.

How important is a dog training collar?

Are you aware that dog collars are important accessories that have been in use for more than 100 years?

A dog training collar enables you to conveniently take your beloved pet for walks in the park without worrying that he/she may run off to get something that has attracted his/her interest or curiosity.

Sum up

There are several benefits of house-training your dog. Training will enable him/her adjust well in the human system of life. It will help him/ her become friends with members of your family as well as visitors.

Training will convert the dog into an asset rather than a liability. You’ll be extremely proud to show of the dog to friends and visitors. He/she won’t be an embarrassment.


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My name is Lauren. I am the founder of lovablepawsandclaws.com. I’m  a young woman with a true passion for animals. I have kept many pets over the years and has intimate knowledge of their needs both emotionally and physically. I love that her dogs keep her so active and satisfy her desire to spend lots of time in nature.



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