How to Decorate the most Beautiful Nursery


The nursery is the happiest place in a family home. It is the room where the baby spends most of its time, where friends and family come to see the new addition to the family and where the parents can spend time in peace and calm with their new child. When setting up and decorating the nursery, there are quite a few things to keep in mind, so let’s start.

Do you want to go with a theme?

One of the first things parents decide on when decorating the nursery for their child is whether they will go with a theme. Many parents prefer to go with a theme because it can look incredible and because it can make things simpler. Some parents go with a vintage theme while others go with, let’s say, animals or jungle.

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Many parents choose a theme depending on whether they are having a boy or a girl. For instance, parents of girls often choose princess, unicorns or mermaid themes. Boys’ parents usually go with something for boys, like sports or cowboys or something like that.

Some parents, on the other hand, do not go with themes at all and they do their own thing.

Buying high quality furniture

When it comes to buying furniture for the nursery you are setting up, you will want to spend as much as you can. Your child deserves the best and the best can sometimes get pricy. Also, remember that it is not about big names or furniture designers. It is about the quality and the materials used. Most experts will tell you that it is best to go with natural wood and furniture that has not been treated with chemicals that can in any way be harmful for the child.

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We believe there is no need for us to tell you what you will need to get for the nursery as everyone knows that. There are a few things that some people forget to get for their nursery and those are the chair and a table for the adults who spend time in the nursery. They are especially handy for breastfeeding mothers, but others will also benefit from these.

Finding the right color

Another very important aspect of decorating the nursery is choosing the right color. Those parents who go with a theme have it easy because there are usually two or three colors to choose from. However, if you choose not to go with a theme of some kind, you have much more choice and you need to choose very carefully.

For example, you will never go with red, or particularly bright orange and yellows. We talked to professional painting experts from Supply & Apply and they told us that these colors are too aggressive and exciting and not suitable for nurseries. They recommend more toned down shades of green and blue, perhaps something from the beige “family” of colors.

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Of course, you will always go with high quality paints that have no harmful chemicals.

Light and warmth

The nursery needs to be warm at all times. You must never forget to install proper heating in the nursery because it is never good for the baby to be in a cold room. It would be best to go with a heating system that will allow you to finely adjust the temperature.

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The same goes for lighting. You should always be able to control the amount of light that is in the room. This means blinds for natural lighting and dimmers for artificial lighting in the nursery Also, it is best to install warm light in the nursery as you would not want something too bright and aggressive.



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