House Demolition And All That You Need To Know About It

Demolition is an act of complete destruction.  Residential demolition is the destruction of a complete establishment till its foundation.  Residential contractors are never keen on house demolition projects and always have a tendency to avoid it as much as possible. The main reasons being

  • The contracting company owners quite understand about the sentiments attached to a residence.
  • They realize the historical importance of certain buildings.

The companies avoid demolition projects until there are no potential threats from the establishments. When they ascertain a building to be dangerous at any level they are bound to take it down.

How do House Demolitions Affect?

  • There is an excitement about a new house construction and the owners are fascinated by the fact.
  • There is an overwhelming sadness which also grows in the owners by the thought of house demolition.
  • There are a lot of memories that are attached to a house which makes it into a home and the sadness overpowers the excitement by leaps and bounds.

Reasons for Residential Demolition

Every act has its own reasons.  The act of house demolition also has a number of reasons such as:

  • Instability of the foundation

Wear and tear of the foundation of buildings is a common reason and the causes of the same include:

  1. The tectonic movement of the earth’s plates.
  2. Growth of trees and creepers within the cracks and faults formed in the foundation pillars.

The foundation of anything when grows weak makes the whole thing unstable.  The instability of a building foundation causes danger to the people who lives in that house.  Thus, keeping the safety of the residents in mind, the demolition of a residence is carried out.

  • Protection of the Right of Land Owners

Poor backward countries have many families who do not own a piece of land, but have their house build on it without knowledge of the real ownership of the land.  When the real owners gain knowledge of the happening, they take the step of residential demolition to gain back what is rightfully theirs.

  • Large Mass of Infestation in a House

Pests are often known to make houses their home and breeding ground.  Termites, ants, rodents etc. are the most common infestations that happen in households. These have the capacity of weakening the building structures and can cause danger to befall on the residents of the building, causing it essential for house demolition to be executed, in order to protect the residents of the house as well as the surroundings who might have been affected when the building gets crumbled.  And this poses a great danger to people as well as to other structures that surround it. 

  • For building a new structure

With the growth and development of civilization, the needs of the population keep changing. Thus, property owners are always looking for ways of utilizing their property for income and prosperity. This is because they always yearn to gain the maximum out of their investment. The small few storied buildings are demolished to give rise to skyscrapers.  In some other cases, residential establishments are converted into office buildings, markets or other forms of commercial buildings.  However, the demolition of the preexisting buildings are done keeping in mind that the owners are given a good compensation for their property.

Points to be Kept in Mind Before House Demolition is Executed

  • The environmental conditions should not be hampered.
  • Research should be done before any building is to be demolished.
  • State as well as local regulations are to be followed in order to make a demolition project hassle free.

The cost of demolition of a particular property vary from case to case, owing to a number of reasons and the most important of them are the condition of the property, contractor company price rates etc. Thus, before a property is being handed over for demolition, one should keep all the possible conditions in mind.

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