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A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Your Dining Table with Rustic Metal Table Base

Tables indeed may make or break your dining area. For these types of furniture, we used to purchase those pre-made ones found in shopping malls or orders from furniture manufacturing companies directly in order not to carry the burden of choosing the design that would be best complement the ambiance you aim to achieve in your dining area. On the other hand, others may already have a plan on their desired table design and choose to personalize their table by hiring specialists who will deliver their visions to reality.

By now, you might be wondering if there is any cheaper alternative left aside from the ones previously mentioned. Worry not! The do-it-yourself method is always available for your custom made dining table (which is very underrated, by the way). We have gathered all information that will guide you in making your very own table design.

Develop a blueprint for your table arrangement

Creating an overall plan for your table will serve as your reliable basis for your entire-table-making project. Indicate the target theme or motif and the environment you want to pull off for your dining area then get the measurements of the whole space.  Say, you want to experiment on an earthy or elemental impression, then you may opt for a rustic touch. To accomplish this, sketch a model for your desired table design and make sure to be specific with the measurements – the sides, widths, angles, and height since this will be your reference from the commencement and end of your process. Be sure that it matches the scale of your dining space.

Assemble all necessary materials

Double-check your blueprint and assemble all materials, tools, and equipment essential to kickstart your project. Be mindful of the type of material for your tabletop and table base. For your tabletop, wood would be the right material to utilize if you want to achieve a rustic vibe. We also suggest that you consider a custom made metal base as it can perfectly hold any tabletop regardless of its material. It can carry wood, glass, and even steel tabletops effectively compared to other table legs. Apart from that, its durability makes it resistant to corrosion, scratches, stain, and flames.

Cut the metal according to measurements

Using a piece of metal-cutting equipment, be sure to finalize your measurements, and strictly follow them. Be careful in using your equipment and in cutting your materials. Remember, you are not in a hurry, and this whole procedure is not a race. Take all the time you need to keep reviewing and analyzing how your table pattern should go. It’s better to be very critical of the whole process than immediately going for it without thinking twice. Are the table bases equal in width, height, and size? Is your tabletop cut according to your blueprint?

Attach the cut metal properly

In this part, you will be needing a TIG torch or any reliable torch responsible for welding together the metal parts. Here, you will have to be extremely cautious in using the torch. You can ask the assistance of someone skilled enough to handle the welding equipment, or you can watch several videos online on how to perfectly weld metals. Ensure that when welding, the metal has appropriately placed so that it would connect in the appropriate places. Finish your cut metals by spraying a satin spray paint.

Drill holes in the tabletop

After linking metals together, you will need to place holes on the side of the wooden tabletop where you will be placing your metal legs that will enable your table to stand on its own. Each attachment point should exactly fit the measurements of the legs so that it will not be too large or small when these will be attached.

Connect the legs to the tabletop

Once you are satisfied with the holes you have made for the base, attach the table legs using bolts and screws to ensure the base won’t separate from the tabletop. Finally, make the table stand upright, and you’re all done! Your custom metal table base will surely hold the weight of your tabletop perfectly, so you will not have to worry about the wobbling. You now have a self-made table perfect for the rustic environment you desire for your dining space.

Additional tips

We highly recommend that you watch numerous videos of DIY tables to have an accurate picture of how self-personalized tables are made and help you build confidence in creating one for your home. Furthermore, if you have any old tables with wooden legs and want to replace them with metal legs, you may do so. It helps you save money and minimize the effort done compared to building a whole new table. Just get the measurements of the steel base by removing the old wooden legs and using it to measure the exact width of your new table legs. You can now use your newly cut metal table base and apply little adjustments to the sizes if it doesn’t fit the old table. Correspondingly, this project is also fitting for old doors or cabinets that you probably have neglected for years. Use your table-making skills to magically turn them into tables!


Kravelv is a full time digital marketer and part time furniture and cabinet maker. During his free time he would like to create something out of recycled woods, this varies from toys, furnitures plant boxes etc. Follow him on Twitter | Pinterest | Facebook

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