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Why Getting Double Hung Windows is a Good Idea

Double hung windows are not new players in the market. They’ve been around for centuries and yet you still see them in many homes around your own. What makes them highly attractive to homeowners and is it a good idea to get double hung windows for yourself? Consider the following:

They are beautiful

Windows will always be a combination of form and function but you can’t deny that appearances matter a lot. In the case of double hung windows, they have a lot to offer in that department, boasting of timeless design that can complement a number of architectural styles. They are commonly seen in traditional homes but they will work just as well in properties with more modern themes. It just all depends on the kind of double hung windows you will be getting.

They are customizable

Double hung windows generally come in standard sizes but they can be custom-made to fit your home exactly. At the same time, you can take advantage of a range of frame colors and finishes to ensure your window matches your home’s interior and exterior perfectly. Want to add character to your double hungs? Go ahead and enjoy grille and hardware options available to you. Do take note, however, that just what kind of customization options will be available to you may vary depending on the window contractor you’re working with. If you want the widest range of options then, a reputable contractor will be your best bet.

They are versatile

Characteristic to double hung windows is their two-sash construction, which allows for either an opening to be created at the top or bottom portion of the window. Because of this, they offer versatility in various ways. In terms of ventilation control? Whichever way the window blows, double hung windows assure you that you can catch a breeze and cool (or heat) your home as needed simply by choosing to keep the top or bottom sash open. Thinking of adding an air conditioning unit? Double hung windows can accommodate the addition through its lower sash, doing away with the need for additional construction. Got small children? Keep the upper sash open and you get to keep the little ones safe without impeding air flow into your home. Double hung windows also work well in different parts of the home, letting you enjoy them in whatever room you choose.

They are energy-efficient

Double hung windows may have been around for centuries but that doesn’t mean that they are outdated. Window manufacturers understand that homeowners’ needs change and so they have turned to technological advancements to develop windows that can address various requirements today. The result? Energy-efficient double hung windows. They help improve energy efficiency in the home by keeping indoor heat in and outdoor heat out, stabilizing indoor temperature to prevent your HVAC system from working too hard. To make sure your double hung windows meet standards for energy efficiency, look for the ENERGY STAR seal.

Double hung windows have a lot to offer you. Make the most out of getting one by entrusting your window replacement project only to a professional. To learn more about what double hung windows can do for you, don’t hesitate to give your local contractor a call today.


Author Bio:

One of Professional Remodeler Magazine’s “40 Under 40” for 2015, Dawn Dewey is the marketing director for Renewal by Andersen (New Mexico, San Diego, Tucson, and Boise) and Dreamstyle Remodeling. Outside of home improvement, she’s also passionate about the environment, animal welfare, and civil rights. Catch updates from Dawn through the Renewal by Andersen of Tucson’s blog!



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