Everything you need to know if you’re planning a Home Renovation

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Home renovation isn’t that simple a task one may think. Apart from having a great idea, you need to include a lot of planning, wise thinking and decision making, too. Still, none of it should be difficult to a point of unsolvable. This is even truer when you have good tips to rely on. Read through our advice and find out what all you need to know to have your home renovated successfully.

image 1Know what you want 

A good start of any home renovation is to know exactly what you want to change about it. This is best achieved through making a list of things you don’t like about your home and scrapping ideas of what you’d like changed and how. Naturally, before finalizing the list, you should consult everyone who lives there. Also, hire contractors that will be willing to hear your ideas out and work out what can be done about what you want.

Don’t leave everything to the case

Usually, when renovations start, homeowners get anxiety because of all that nose, dust, intrusions and overall inconveniences that go with the process of renovation. You need to understand such things are unavoidable and that everything is a matter of planning. Talk to your contractors about their desired schedules and see how things can be fitted with your lifestyle. It wouldn’t harm if you planned a few weekend getaways and family dinners outside the house, just to spare yourself all the craziness.

  Communication is the key

Since this is your home that’s going through renovation process, you have all the right to be informed about the next steps that are to be taken. Naturally, you are not a professional and constant asking questions may simply be rude and annoying and above all distracting. But, you need to be on top of things happening. You also need a schedule of repairs and redesigns as you need to know what you are dealing with and see whether everything is going according to plan. Make sure you are accessible during your contractor’s work-day (via mobile or a work number) so he can make fast, smart decisions as issues arise.

Be prepared for costs

Statistics show that people spend 10 to 20 percent more money on renovations than they have originally planned. So, to avoid both a shock and surprise when the bill is settled, prepare for a much higher price. And, if the final cost actually fits the original one, you’ll walk around with a huge smile on your face.

image 3

Be Open

Even though you are in love with your renovation plan, sometimes you need to be open to changes. Your contractor will best know what is and what isn’t possible and why. Listen to the suggestions you get, weigh pros and cons of what you’ve heard and make a decision. Don’t be stubborn about your initial idea if the praxis simply doesn’t work to your benefit.

Prepare everything

Before your home becomes a construction site, you need to be on top of things that need to be done before and afterwards. For instance, have you asked any of your friends or went through hostel/hotel offers just in case you have to spend a night or two outside your home?  Have you thought of waste removal? Who is going to remove all that old furniture from the yard, or do you plan to keep it there forever? These and similar things are one of your many duties and you need to find a way to handle them.

Be accessible during installation times

If you have visited showrooms image 2with your contractor, you have then decided on what your new home is going to have installed. Still, picking out items isn’t where things end. You need to be accessible on your phone during installation times because otherwise, your contractor may get stressed about little things, such as how high to hang your wall sconce or whether you wanted your shower head installed in the opposite direction, etc.

Things may not go as planned

Even though both contractors and you have your synchronized schedules and theory makes it all look peachy and easy, reality of home reconstruction can get pretty messy. Sometimes, there happen unpredictable things such as pipe leaks, electricity malfunctions, a contractor gets flu and needs couple of days off… these and many other aspects are going to influence your home reconstruction so you need to be prepared that things may drag along a bit and if they do – keep it cool. You were prepared for it, right?

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