Earth-Friendly Ways to Boost the Value of Your Home


There is a number of ways a value of a house can be raised. From simple repainting and thorough cleaning to adding a pool or a garage, practically any smart investment of time and money will add to the value of the property. However, making it more earth-friendly is a twofold benefit. Not only will the house be worth more but the environment will gain from the improvement as well. Therefore, consider these earth friendly ways to boost the value of your home and improve the quality of life as well.

Water Consumption

One of major problems our planet is facing, and will continue to do in the future is water scarcity. Using water more efficiently and responsibly will both help the environment and make your house more economic and more valuable in the end. Firstly, check all the plumbing for leaks. Secondly, invest in water saving faucets and showerheads, sensor activated ones are a great aesthetic addition as well. Lastly, collecting rainwater and using it to water your plants will immensely reduce water consumption.

Thermal insulation

Another large problem effecting the environment is energy consumption. Regardless the source of heating that you use, hard fuels, gas or electricity, almost one third of heat is lost if your home is not insulated well. Which type of thermal insulation you should opt for depends on the specifics of your house and your preferences. What is certain is that any of the chosen will significantly improve energy efficiency of your home, reduce the bills and help the environment.

Earth-Friendly Ways to Boost the Value of Your Home1

Green Walls

Not only will green walls make your garden more attractive and give it a unique appearance, they provide several earth friendly benefits. They are great thermal insulators, immensely reduce the noise you are exposed to and present an effective air purifier. This is especially noticeable in areas of heavy traffic which are usually noisy and carbon monoxide polluted. Having one or more properly positioned in your garden will make a world of difference, both aesthetic and health wise.

Earth-Friendly Ways to Boost the Value of Your Home2

Solar Collectors

The production of solar collectors has improved immensely and nowadays you can find a system suitable for any type of home and use. Their dimensions are highly customizable and you can practically have one for any possible requirement, saving energy along the way. For example, one solar collector for heating shower water or one for lighting the entire house. You will end up decreasing your electricity bills and increase the value of your property, both in the long run.

Earth-Friendly Ways to Boost the Value of Your Home3


Another way to increase the value of your home and contribute to the well-being of the environment is to use ecofriendly doors and windows. Double or triple glazed windows and doors, for example, are a great energy savers and at the same time an elegant way to improve the general appearance. If you have a garden, choosing one of those handy container shelters to keep your tools and do repairs in is another green aesthetic solution. They look great and are so well insulated that require no heating or cooling installations, contrary to regular garden sheds.

Earth-Friendly Ways to Boost the Value of Your Home4

Boosting the value of your home in an earth friendly way is obviously attainable. Not only will you contribute to the environment, but your house will look much better, too. A clear win-win situation, you have to admit.


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