Best Pest Control Prevention Methods

Pests pose a threat of health risks as well damage to your property. Allergies are some of the most common risks associated with pests and rodents. Some of the most common incidents are when you come into contact with these pests. However, there are also other cases where you do not have to come into contact with these organisms but they still pose threats.

Some of these pests may seem harmless but their presence creates a multitude of problems. Keeping your premises in the best shape is the first step towards winning the war against pests. The following are some of the best approaches to control pests in your premises:

Using pesticides

It is one of the most popular approaches for controlling pest infestation. These pesticides vary depending on the chemicals used to prepare them. Boric acid is among the most common chemicals that are used to prepare pesticides. Such pesticides come in different forms such as liquids, pellets and powders, depending on the type of pests that one is targeting. There are also other classifications based on the type of pests. For instance, insecticides are used for insects, while herbicides for weeds.

Most of these pesticides are safe for humans but toxic to the target pests even though taking precautions is also essential during their application. Have an expert such as the great pest exterminators located in Flanders, NJ assures you of safety when you want to do away with pests for good. People who are looking for instant results mostly use pesticides even though there are some that take days to become effective.

Biological control methods

You can use this approach to disrupt the natural ecosystem of the pests that have attacked your space. Biological control involves an agent that will monitor and regulate the growth of pests within your home. The control substance should be a natural enemy of the pests that you want to control. It also should be something that will be less of a nuisance. A good example is the introduction of nematodes in your garden which will regulate the growth of termites. Controlling mosquitoes has also been proven successful through the use of BTI, which is a larvicide that produces toxic bacteria.


Some of the pests and rodents are in your space simply because you have created the right environment for their survival. For instance, having stagnant water within your home attracts insects such as mosquitoes. Overgrown bushes are also an excellent breeding ground for insects. There are also pests that are attracted by dampness which can be in various places in your home. Ensuring that you clean your dishes after every meal can be the first steps towards eliminating these microorganisms from your space. Identify some of the areas that are making it easy for pests to grow and multiply and then work on them. You can also invest in professional cleaning once in a while to get rid of the stubborn dirt that always attracts pests and rodents.

Natural approaches

There are several natural approaches that can help you get rid of pests even without chemicals. For instance, there are certain plants that you can have in your garden that repel mosquitos. Citronella oil comes in very handy when you want something that will protect you from pests that want to get in contact with your skin. Crop rotation in your garden is another approach that proves successful when it comes to regulating the growth of pests. Some pests are very dangerous as they will skeletonize your plants in a matter of days. There are plants that eliminate weeds naturally which means that you do not have to use herbicides or other chemicals.

Traps and poisoned baits

There are hundreds of traps out there that you can use to eliminate pests in your home. For instance, you can have a trap to deal with rodents such as rats in your home. You must place these traps strategically if you want them to be effective. Some of these traps kill the pests the moment they come into contact while others require your input. Poisoned baits work best when you put the poison in foods that these pests like. However, you must ensure that you place the poisoned baits far away from the reach of your kids or pets.

There are different approaches that you can use to control posts in your home as you can see. Some pests may demand a combination of several approaches as they are somehow stubborn. The control approach will depend on legislations in place, climatic conditions, your budget, nature of the place infested with pests and the extent of infestation in your spaces.


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