Aramid Fiber and its Home Uses

Importance of Aramid fiber as a raw material

According to Wikipedia, aramid fiber is a man-made organic and polymer fiber produced by spinning the dissolved polymer to a solid fiber from a liquid chemical blend. A bright golden yellow filament is produced that has a range of properties. Properties such as low density, good resistance to impact, lower modular grades, ballistic, compressive, strength and much more. It is widely used in manufacturing of various products seen in industrial development. It’s important to maintain an interaction between polymer and polymer chain due to the hydrogen bonds. It is the process of making a spin which is highly available in developed countries. There are many spinning solution taking place in around the world, the spinning which made possible by Aramid molecules that forms liquid crystalline domains in most products. Due to the many uses of this fiber, this is available for sale in large amount in some countries.



There are many properties of this fiber that can be put to good use and one of them is to be able to withstand heat and fire. Which is why they are being used to made fire fighter’s protective gears. Fire resistance coat, gloves, and helmet are commonly manufactured with this kind of products. These fibers has no melting point so it is popularly seen in most lab-related manufacturing products around the world. Its other properties includes:

  • good resistance to abrasion
  • good resistance to organic solvents
  • nonconductive
  • no melting point, degradation starts from 500 °C
  • low flammability
  • good fabric integrity at elevated temperatures
  • sensitive to acids and salts
  • sensitive to ultraviolet radiation

Home Uses

Air Filter Manufacturing

It is used in manufacturing of air filter which is commonly seen by most of people. In the countries in Middle East, this kind of air filters are popularly seen and used. Now you know what made up your air filters at home.

Composite Materials

Composites are produced by combining materials together to form an overall structure that is more improved than the combination of the individual components. Examples of such are concrete, engineered woods and plywood which is commonly used in home and office buildings.

Fire Doors

Due to its low flammability and high resistance to heat, it is also used in making fire doors. Fire doors are the kind of doors that can prevent fire from spreading from one room to another. It helps save lives which is very important in any building with people staying on it, be it residential or commercial.

Optical Fiber Cable Systems

Optical fiber is a kind of cable which is used to develop the entire progress of manufacturing optical fiber-related communication process. Products that consists of optical fibers are very good in data management and various information can be designed and developed using it. Examples are sound bars and loud speakers.

Sport Accessories

In sport sector, large number of sport good and accessories are made up of Aramid fiber. Such sport accessories includes hockey stick, snowboards and tennis strings, which are made up of Para Aramid fiber which is popularly available in most countries.


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