Adding Life to your Garden with Oriental Garden Statues


Oriental garden statues are a wonderful way to create magic and mystery in your garden space. Whether looking to create a specific theme or to combine themes there are many options when decorating with oriental garden statues.

If you own a vacation rental property, having an oriental garden statues will surely give your vacation home rental an edge over other rental houses. Check out the following oriental accessories for your garden.

buddhaBuddha. A common choice among the variety of Oriental garden statues is the Buddha statue. One such choice is the Ho Tai oriental garden statue. Made from fiber reinforced cast stone the elegant statuary is designed to withstand the elements while adding a bit of grace and exoticness to the outdoor area. Available in a variety of finishes including copper bronze, green stone, alpine stone, wood and aged limestone. This Buddha will surely give warmth and happy feeling in your garden.





pagodaPagoda. This oriental garden statue has long been used in gardens as popular statuary. They have a way of adding exoticness and beauty to any pond or garden. The Pagoda Lantern is an excellent choice for any size outdoor area. Made from quality designer resin, this gracefully designed Asian pagoda statue measuring 11.5W x 11.5D x 17.5H is a perfect accent to place near your pool or pond.





buddha headBuddha Head. A favorite oriental garden statue among many lovers of Eastern art is the Stonetouch Buddha Head garden statue. Made from durable resin-stone, the peel proof Buddha face depicts peace, contentment and charisma. Measuring approximately 9 x 9 x 13.8 inches and weighing 3.2 pounds the material from which the oriental garden statue is made is designed to wear beautifully. The Stonetouch Buddha Head oriental garden statue is can be use indoors and outdoors, with its exclusive and unique design it will make an ideal gift for those who love such accessories.




Asian Fasian foo dogsoo Dogs. This oriental garden statue will certainly give your garden a well- protected feel and look. Foo dogs are considered to be the protectors of home or buildings and protect the property from evil spirits. But remember that these statue must always come in pairs. Measuring 18″H x 7″W x 11″L these statue will give your garden and guests the feeling of security.



Quan-YinQuan Yin. Collectors of oriental garden statues will tell you no collection is complete without Quan Yin. Known for being compassionate the graceful statue of Quan Yin is the ultimate piece among the collection of oriental garden statues. Standing 14″ and dressed in an elegant robe, Quan Yin is adorned with a headpiece and carries a lotus in her hand depicting purity. This oriental garden statue is a must have for the perfect blooming flower garden.

There are a lot of oriental statues that you can adorn your garden. Just make sure that your garden must be clean and tidy in order for your home or vacation home rental to create a look and feel of serenity and peacefulness.


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