7 Design Ideas For Music Enthusiasts -Turn Your Flat Into A Musical Utopia

Music and interior design go well together. Your home reflects your personality, including your passion and interests your great enthusiasm for music, no matter how loud or soft or old or new your taste may be, is something you should be proud of showcasing in your personal space.

Whether you’re an avid fan of the old school, classic hits of the 60s and 70s, a youngster who patronizes the upbeat, pop songs of the 21st century, decorating your home with a touch of your musical endearment allows you to leave a piece of you at home.

And when we say “music,” we’re not just talking about the piece of art meant to be heard but an element meant to be seen as well. There are a lot of ways to make music visible in your home, from genuine music-related items taken from the past, repurposed to blend with modern pieces to customized music-inspired furniture and decors.


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  1. Give life to old and outdated music-related items


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Ah, the good ‘ol days – when mp3 wasn’t born yet and vinyl records, cassette tapes, and vintage record players were the only musical media. Let the music of the lost decades live on by showcasing these items and making them essential parts of your music-inspired design.

Don’t let cassette tapes and vinyl records gather dust and rust in the attic. Having a collective number of them is good enough to build a lamp, pen holder, book, magazine, or CD rack, retro furniture, or even an eye-catching wall art. You can also recycle those bulky and old stereo, radio, speakers, electric keyboard, and cassette players, and transform them into a table or a kitchen island.

  1. Invest in music-inspired furniture


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If you have a quite huge budget, consult a professional furniture maker who can build music-inspired home decors for you. Think about having piano-inspired LED lights or a quirky chandelier made of old musical horn instruments resting on your ceiling. You can also replace your standard couch and table with a music sheet-themed couch, glossy snare drum side table, and guitar-shaped coffee table.

  1. Add eye-popping, music-themed accents and accessories


Credits: http://www.homedit.com/musically-inspired-furniture-and-decorations/

If these customized furniture ideas hurt your budget, try to invest in music-themed home accessories and accents like throw blankets and pillows, area rugs, curtains, wall clocks, vases, figurines, light fixtures, mugs and picture frames. These accessories and knick knacks, no matter how small they are, can instantly give life to a sterile room when placed properly.

  1. Stick trendy wall decals and murals


Credits: http://www.homedit.com/musically-inspired-furniture-and-decorations/

If you find paintings too mainstream, you can use wall decals to spice up your dull wall. The good thing with wall decals is they are removable and you can replace your wall with another design without any hassle, which makes it ideal for musicians who’d love to keep up with the trend and decorate their homes based on their tastes. The tip also works for flat and apartment dwellers who can’t use paint.

Wall decals come in different shapes, sizes, and designs which make statement for you – from simple designs like musical notes and symbols, silhouettes, and memorable quotes and lyrics to detailed graphics, such as portraits of your favorite artist.

  1. Let your musical instruments steal the spotlight


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As an introvert musician, I have no other real friends but my musical instruments so I treat them with pride. Create a nook for your musical instruments or buy a large shelf with glass cover and track lights. This tip works best for displaying a collection of instruments you don’t usually use. If you’re using them most of the time, hang them as artworks using wall mounts and hooks.

  1. Showcase priceless memorabilia


Credits: Liliana di Lorenzo Interiorismo | Retrieved from http://homedesignlover.com/bedroom-designs/music-themed-bedrooms/

Band and artist posters and portraits, albums and vinyl records, music magazines and news articles, favorite music sheets, customized shirts and mugs, and unforgettable, autographs – no great artwork can beat the nostalgia brought by these memorabilia. Frame them or secure them inside a glass shelf, illuminated by track lights. These items are priceless and will always be worthy of showcasing, no matter how many decades have faded.

  1. Improve room’s sound quality using acoustic panels


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A music-themed interior wouldn’t be complete without this key element – music. Aside from fixing the sound system so you can enjoy a great playlist that matches your interior, you may also consider placing a couple of acoustic panels on your wall. They are made of sound absorbing materials which improve room acoustics through sound insulation. When sound passes through an acoustic board, the intensity of sound is minimized, and this creates a polished sound musicians admire.

If you do vocals or play musical instruments and you want to achieve a studio-like quality sound, acoustic panels are must-haves. The better thing is these panels aren’t always unattractive. Acoustic panels come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors that will suit in your interior design and serve as fascinating, minimalist decors on your walls.


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