5 Rookie Gardening Mistakes to Avoid

Gardening can be just as fulfilling as it is frustrating – especially if you’re a newbie! There are so many things to learn and to remember to keep your garden thriving. And of course – there are so many things that could go wrong! One thing a rookie must consider is to make sure they save money on all their gardening supplies, rather than waste money paying the full price in stores.

We have listed the five most common rookie gardening mistakes with tips on how to avoid them. (And if you have committed them, don’t fret – even the most seasoned and greenest of green thumbs have had little bumps along the way).

Not preparing the soil.

There are so many things that make soil good or bad for crops – and it cannot be determined just by looking at it. Take the time to prepare the soil by fertilizing it prior to planting season. Do, take time, as well to research about soil testing kits.

Aside from sunlight and earth, water has got to be one of the most important elements in growing plants.

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But just because you water your plants daily does not mean you are already doing a great job at it. Without understanding each plant’s unique water requirements, your garden’s moisture conditions, and the importance of proper drainage and installing such, it is easy to damage your plant with overwatering. Make sure to ask your nursery about your plant’s water requirements as well as how to create drainage for your garden.

Planting more than you can tend to.

Gardening can get easily overwhelming to any novice gardener. If you plan out a whole backyard full of plants but your skill is set for a few planters at a time, you’re going to have a problem keeping up with your growing bunch. There’s only so much weeding and pruning you can do at the beginning. And with so many different varieties that come with one too many unique requirements, your dream garden can take its toll on you. Start small and gradually grow your garden when you get more confident with your skills.

Planting in the wrong location.

Each plant comes with its own requirement for sunlight and shade. Many rookie gardeners overlook this and end up with wilted or dead plants instead. Read the packet, do your research, and plan out your garden layout to benefit the plants and not merely for aesthetics.

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Pruning too much, too soon, too little, or not pruning at all.

More than just a method to keep wayward branches and buds off, pruning actually helps your plants grow. They either promote growth of newer and bigger leaves as in the case of herbs like basil, or they promote fruit/flower growth. Pruning is more than just cutting away aimlessly. Each plant needs to be pruned at a certain time – prune too soon and you’ll end up losing important ‘limbs’ to grow your plant. Prune too late and you’re going to miss out the new blooms altogether.

Which of these mistakes have you committed and how did you fix them?

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