5 Ideas for Matching your New Paver Patio to the Style of your Home

Many designers describe the home as an extension of the self – and the landscape as an extension of the home. Therefore, your home and hardscape should both represent all the unique complexities of your personality and artistic flair. It is also important that your home and hardscape never clash, but complement one another instead. A landscape that accentuates the architecture of the home can make it appear anchored and perfectly placed.   Here are a few important points to consider when remodelling your landscape to suit your home:

Asian inspiration

Asian-inspired landscapes tend to create a striking contrast when paired with edgy, geometric homes. However, they also suit homes that showcase plenty of earthy shades and wooden elements in their architecture. Eastern landscape designs are renowned for integrating water, greenery and various textures.

As a rule of thumb, materials that are noticeably artificial should be avoided. You should, therefore, ensure that your pavers have an organic appearance. Dynamic features like waterfalls and koi ponds add life to the landscape and are highly recommended for achieving this aesthetic. Consider surrounding your patio with flowering trees, as these tend to offer a Japanese flair that will enhance the exotic appearance of the backyard.

Traditional rusticity

Warm, timeworn shades and textures tend to pair beautifully with older, classic homes. Incorporating earthy shades into your paver selection will help to achieve a pleasant rustic aesthetic, while allowing any surrounding greenery and brightly colored furniture to stand out. Consider adorning your patio with characterful, vintage patterns and heavily textured materials. Traditional designs are generally favoured for their homely, and utterly timeless, appeal.

Luxury and relaxation

A home that prioritises luxury and relaxation requires a backyard with a nice smoking grill area that does the same. Consider a tropical, resort-like theme for a backyard that complements a spacious, luxurious home. Large, smooth pavers and refined materials can help to achieve this aesthetic. Installing a large, curved pool nearby can have a wonderfully soothing effect, especially when fitted with a poolside water feature. Water features create white noise and attract wildlife, which can enhance the relaxing atmosphere of any patio. Consider having a pergola installed over your patio, fitted with billowing white curtains and soft lighting fixtures to optimize the elegance and serenity of the landscape design.

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Contemporary elegance

Linear pavers with clean edges are excellent candidates for modern patios. Contemporary outdoor designs also incorporate plenty of neutral shades, which can be contrasted by bold features like red-brick walls and brightly-colored sofas. A subdued color palette can also enhance the appearance of nearby plants. Sleek, geometric lines are characteristic of a contemporary patio. Opt for a minimalist approach when it comes to patterns and textures.

Bohemian influences

This aesthetic theme draws on textured, natural materials, but is renowned for balancing rich, organic textures with a certain level of elegance and refinement. For example, thin slabs of natural stone would replace large, bulky stone units in a bohemian design. These patios have a lovely ethereal look and are brimming with character. Distressed wood and coarse fabrics are also staple options for this outdoor design. Colored lanterns are typical of this theme too and will make a stunning addition to the patio lighting plan. In addition to the organic beauty that these designs bear, the natural materials they utilize are primed to withstand the elements and offer low maintenance requirements.


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