5 Bathroom Tweaks to make your Boring Bathroom look Elegant


Just because it’s all about “me time” in the bathroom, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention on how it looks. Remember that your bathroom is comparable to your own, private sanctuary. And no self-respecting homeowner will allow his or her private space to look like a public bathroom or the ones in a cheap motel.

Don’t worry – you don’t need to spend major dollar for remodeling your bathroom. Instead, here are 5 simple tweaks you should try to add some tranquility and elegance to your boring and uninspiring bathroom!

  1. Candle-laden Bathroom Tray

tweaks to make your bathroom more elegant1

If you enjoy extended bathtub sessions for relaxation and peace, then you should definitely try turning any rustic plank of wood into your very own bathtub tray. All you need is a plank of wood, saw off 2 3-inch pieces, use wood glue to attach ‘support bars’ underneath the main plank to make sure it doesn’t slide off, top it off with your favorite scented candles, and voila!

Remember that the support bars underneath should fit the inside of the tub so it wouldn’t slide over. You may need to use a measuring tape for a perfect fit. You may choose to paint over the plank for a fresher look, but the texture of wood looks more elegant overall.

  1. Wallpapered Slider

If you’re tired of your plain sliding doors, then you can try covering them up with your favorite wallpaper. Of course, you should pick one that matches the color scheme of your bathroom. You want to take a shower in a rainforest environment? Done. Going for abstract or minimalistic design? Easy. Applying wallpaper to your bathroom sliding doors is as easy as bathroom tweaks get. A quick tip – green bathroom themes are trending as of recent years. Top this off with the rest of the bathroom tweaks in this article and you can easily create a relaxing ambiance.

  1. Decorative Towel Tables

tweaks to make your bathroom more elegant2

Do you have an extra end table, foot stool, or small coffee table somewhere? If so, then there is no excuse for you to NOT have a decorative towel table in your little bathroom space. Simply roll about 2-4 bathroom towels and stack them neatly into your table. Of course, you can use these towels in case of emergency, but they are called ‘decorative’ towels for a reason. As much as possible, they should always be neatly folded or rolled. Try adding more decorations such as a rubber duck, a candle, or a plant.

  1. Crate Storage Shelves

It doesn’t matter who you are, you’ll need a lot of bathroom stuff for – you know – bathroom things. Having too much bathroom supplies and leaving them unorganized beats the purpose of having an elegant bathroom. And let’s face it; stacking them all at the counter top or sink isn’t the most elegant solution. Instead, try using a wooden crate by hanging them on a wall or stacking two of them on top of each other and use them as shelves – DIY style. You should also consider painting them with a single color if they look worn down.

The best thing about this tweak is that it can be incorporated with the rest of the tweaks in this article. For example, you can hang a crate shelf on a wall and place your decorative towels, candles, or a plant. You may need to use a power drill for this job, but it’ll definitely be worth it. Just don’t hesitate to ask for the assistance of someone experienced with DIY stuff when possible.

  1. Going Green

tweaks to make your bathroom more elegant3

You want to know a secret that interior decorators do all the time? They add random plants in spots that could use a little elegance! It doesn’t take rocket science to know what areas will look gorgeous with a flower pot or a jade plant. And it doesn’t take much effort to place them for instant elegance and tranquility as well.

Bonus: Magnet Bathroom Rack

There are plenty of other nifty tweaks you can do to organize and make your bathroom a tad more elegant. Another simple one is to use a magnetic knife rack or an adhesive magnet strip so you can have a neat spot for hair clips, tweezers, clippers, and so on.

These awesome bathroom tweaks are brought to you by Country Club Homes Tagaytay, Philippines.


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