10 Home Improvement Tips for Small Bathroom

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Wash your worries away as they say; but how can you cleanse your problem if the problem is your bathroom?

In every household, bathroom’s should be the cleanest place.  A small bathroom stressed us out. How can we fit these toiletries when the cabinet is too small? This bath tub is too big what would I do? I can’t fix my make up right the lights are too dim. There are some problems that we often encounter but this article is your life savior because we’re going to give you some tips on how to improve your small bathroom space:

1. Repaint the bathroom

You won’t need a lot of paint for the bathroom and that fresh coat will give the room a whole new-look. Use a color of paint that suits your style but don’t use dark colors neutral colors will do. Repainting your bathrooms will help lightens the ambiance of your comfort room. Some all- white colored room is harsh for comforting combining warm whites to ecru creams will stave off coolness in a luxury of warmth. For humid rooms like bathrooms, choose a semi-gloss or satin finish.

Project cost: about $30 for a gallon of paint, covers 350 square feet.

2. Swap out the faucet

Faucets for a bathroom can run anywhere from $19 up to $200. You don’t buy a new expensive faucet to improve your mini bath room. Just update to something new, and modern that suits the bathroom. Faucet swaps are not only cheap, but they’re easy to do. In fact, if you have 15 minutes, you could change out your faucet today and give your vanity a fresh new-look.

Project tip: To save having to drill new holes, bring your old faucet to the hardware store and find a new fixture with the same hole placement.

3. Add wall accents

Board and batten or bead board are easy wall accents that make a big difference. Home improvement stores carry sheets that you can adhere to the wall and accent with chair rails and molding. The project does take a little time to measure and paint, but the difference it makes is well worth it. And you can easily add bead board for under $200.

Project cost: about $20 for a 4’x8′ sheet of bead board, plus paint and supplies

4. Change your vanity

You would be surprised at how affordable vanities are. In fact, you can find a contemporary vanity for under $200 at your local home improvement store. If you are looking for something more designer-grade, check out clearance houses or local sales. Choose 18 inches deep rather than the usual 24 inches depth vanity it can help the place to look spacious.  You can even update the sink if it is included in the price of the vanity.

Project tip: take careful measurements of your current vanity so you don’t have to do any major renovating.  

5. Change your shower curtain

Look at your old shower curtain. Is it dingy? Moldy? Just changing out your shower curtain can make a difference in the bathroom. Go for one that is neutral so that it opens up the space and purchase both a clear inner lining and a decorative outer lining. Avoid busy patterns and too bright of colors if you can. If you want to add personality, but still keep it neutral, try a textured shower curtain. If your walls are dark colored choose a light colored shower curtains and vice versa.

Project cost: about $20 for a new curtain.

6. Change bath tub into walk in shower

Bath tub take a huge space in your bathroom by changing it into a walk in shower can make your bathroom spacious.  Bath tubs eats a huge amount of space so by changing it into a walk in shower will help you make the place look generous.

7. Add some frosted glass door between your walk in shower and toilet

Many owners opt to have a privacy between taking a bath and using toilet but it is impossible in a small bathrooms to do. However, privacy can be achieved by putting walls or sheets between them. Choose frosted glass to ensure seclusion

8. Add some lamp shade near your vanity mirror

When putting your make up you want a good lighting to do your daily routine so to help you achieve that you have to start putting lamp shade near your mirror

9. Plan out where to put your cabinets

You can put you cabinets in the wall dividing it into 3 or 2 layers and leave the upper part open so you can put your rolled towels, baskets and other garments. If the vanity is seven feet long or longer, consider building tall storage units on either side of the sink, taking advantage of vertical storage space. Keep the storage towers to a 10-inch depth to avoid a claustrophobic feeling.

10. Add some dividers in your cabinets

Inside your cabinets you can put some dividers inside. Like dividing your nail polish, jewelry, make up brush, hair clip and making anything in your cabinet easy to find.

Now after you follow our tips you can Soak, Relax and Enjoy.  Improving your home will help you have the ambiance that will fit your lifestyle. Home improvement isn’t always have to be expensive sometimes you just have to be creative enough. Designing your home based on your personalities will make it as your haven. A busy day at work will wash away because of the peaceful atmosphere your home can give you. Some people say you are what your home is. You will know the owners personality based on his/her home. A happy home can be one of your happy pill. You can stay longer on your bathrooms feel the rushing of water with a peaceful surrounding let your thoughts and problem flows along with the water. Making your design of bathroom is like a success. So what you need to do is start improving it.


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